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Why Invest in BIW?

BIW provides investors with the opportunity and assistance required to establish businesses in a safe and secure economy through seamless procedures.

Trade licenses for items to be sold in Bahrain are conveniently obtained and issued with no restrictions on repatriation of capital, profits or dividends.

A complete customs duty exemption also includes the following:

Capital goods
Goods for re-export
Raw materials for manufacturing
Semi-finished commodities imported for further processing
Imports required for development projects

Establishments may be set up without a local sponsor, thus providing full business ownership in most categories and ensuring 100% profit retention. Exemption of corporate, personal, and value-added or withholding tax also ensures increased profitability.

Advantages of doing business in Bahrain include a cost-effective, educated bilingual workforce skilled in all main trades, industries and professions. A stable local currency, an advanced telecommunications infrastructure and liberal telecommunications sector allows for fast digital networks, global communications and trading.

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