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Project Development News

Master Plan Development:

The Master Plan final issue was published in December 2008. Total number of plots is 164 spread over the 1,700,000 square meters being the total BIW area with the following criteria:

  • Rentable areas being 1,250,105 Sq.mtrs. representing 73.5% of the overall 1,700,000 Square Meter area of BIW.
  • Non-rentable areas (open space) is 449,895 Sq.mtrs. representing 26.5% of the whole BIW area.

The Master Plan has been approved and stamped by the Central Planning Office with the Ministry of Works.

Infrastructure Construction:

Contract for the construction of the BIW Infrastructure was awarded to BMC (Bahrain Motors Company) on 1st March 2008.

As of end October 2010:

Overall Progress stands at 99%

Roads: Up-to-date, 99% of the works has already been completed, with an anticipated completion date before end 2010.

Potable Water Network: BIW water requirements have been finalized and connection with National network approved and implemented. 100% of the water network has been completed.

Storm Water Network: 100% of the works has been completed.

Irrigation Network: 100% of the works has been completed.

Foul Sewer Network: 100% of the works has been completed.

Electricity: 100% of the works has been completed.  Yet the network upgrade is now under way.

Street Lighting System: 100% of the works has been completed and all the public area are now lit including street lighting.

Electrical Substations:

  • Construction of one (1) Bulk Supply Point (BSP) type Substation (Marsa Al Bahrain) 100% completed, energized and handed over to Electricity and Water Authority for operation and maintenance. This Substation was completed in January 2010 and some superstructures have now been powered.
  • Construction of 2nd City type Substation (Janoob Marsa Al Bahrain) is completed, energized and handed over to the Electricity and Water Authority for operation and maintenance in May 2010.
  • Construction of 3rd City Type Substation (Sharq Marsa Al Bahrain) is 100% complete. All equipment has been installed, 66kV cables ordered and cable laying contract awarded, Energization is now scheduled for April/May 2011.


Provider for the ICT/Telecom Services to BIW has been awarded to Rapid Telecommunication Company, 100% Bahraini owned company. The Concession Agreement has also been signed. Construction and implementation of the network is underway. A state-of-the-art robust operation center is under construction as part of these works. The operation has started as of April 2010 and BIW tenants requiring telecom services are already online.

Superstructure Construction:

  • Building Permits have been processed covering 85 Plots.
  • Superstructure construction on 55 Plots is underway.
  • One ready-mix concrete factory, 20 Sheds and the BIW H.Q. are now operational at BIW.
  • 13 Labour Accommodation units have been completed.  There are some 1,500 Labourers already accommodated.
  • BIW- Al Hidd Mosque – Construction completed and handed over to Sunni Waqaf (Mosque donated by Haj Yacoub Al Nafisi).
  • Training Center, Self storage sheds, Danub logistics, Storage facilities are under construction.
  • Construction of the BIW Hotel also started.
At this time BIW are encouraging all Investors at the BIW site to initiate planned Superstructure Construction for the better benefit of the their investments and to avoid inconveniences during the construction of the delayed Superstructures in the future.

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