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Free Trade Agreement with USA

The Kingdom of Bahrain and the United States of America signed a mutual trade agreement, which is currently worth almost one billion US Dollars per year.

The FTA along with the infrastructure provided within the Bahrain Investment Wharf establish new export opportunities for US industries in Bahrain and the rest of the Gulf region.

The Free Trade Agreement eliminates tariffs on consumer and industrial goods traded between Bahrain and the USA, which will attract local industries and foreign investors that are targeting the US market.

According to the agreement, financial, industrial, services, and agriculture products are 96% duty exempt, while tax-free advantages are to be granted to textile and garments exports.

A similar Free Trade Agreement has had a large impact in Jordan. Within a short period the Jordanian export industry reported a staggering increase in growth of 75% and 30,000 new jobs were created.

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